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What we do

We are changing the face of the pharmacist's role in the healthcare system from medication provider to care provider. Our accredited diabetes staff understands not only the physical toll this disease can take on you, but the emotional toll as well.


We believe everyone has the right to live the most fulfilling life they dream of no matter the obstacles. Don't view diabetes as the end, view diabetes as just another speed bump on this crazy ride called life. Don't let this 100% controllable disease consume your life, take control today!


Diabetes Program

•  Four-week accredited program

•  We check insurance coverage

•  Classes are based on the 4 M's of Diabetes Management

     •  Monitoring

     •  Movement

     •  Meal Planning

     •  Medication

•  Include blood glucose meter

•  6 months of follow up consultations


Our program leads to better education but that is not our ultimate goal for you. Our classes lead to 50th anniversaries, attending your children's or grand children's weddings, and spending time with the ones you love. Don't view diabetes education as an inconvenience; view it as a ticket to see the wonderful events life has in store for you.




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